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Buyers beware!

Internet sales and warranty
If you find any DLS product sold on Internet make sure the dealer is an authorized DLS dealer.
We allow internet sales only if it’s done locally, but we do NOT authorize export internet sales to other markets.
There are companies, mainly in the US, claiming to be DLS authorized dealers exporting worldwide, this is often not true!
If you buy from such an Internet sales company, the DLS warranty is void; all claims must be done to the selling company. You can’t receive any warranty or support in any other country.

Fake products
There is also a big risk that you receive a fake DLS product when you buy from non-authorized companies. As many other famous brands, DLS are copied by Chinese companies, so if you will be sure to have the genuine DLS, with the correct sound, and not only the DLS appearance, buy from an authorized local DLS dealer.  DLS amplifiers RA20, RA40 and Ultimate A8, speakers UR5S, UR6S, UR35S, UR36S and Iridium 6.2 (old discontinued products), are examples of fake DLS products sold on internet.

Warranty claim
The products are covered by minimum 1 year warranty, but it’s also depending on the conditions in the country where it is sold.
If you need service on your DLS product you must do your claims to the shop where you bought the product together with your Sales receipt. If the local dealer no longer exists, contact the DLS distributor in your country. The name of the distributor can be found on


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