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Patrik Skogholm

Patrik Skogholm comes from Trollhättan in Sweden, the city of Saab automobiles. Patrik was 2nd in Multimedia Anvanced Unlimited in the 2010 Eurofinals in Rotterdam with his BMW 5-series. Patrik came 2:nd in the 2012 Eurofinals in class Master OEM. In the 2013 Swedish finals Patrik was 2:nd in Master unlimited.

Head unit      :Alpine F1 status
Front system  : Scandinavia 1 tweeter
                     : SC5 prototype x 1 pair

Subwoofer     :Nordica 10 x1

Amplifiers      : Ultimate TA2 x 2 
                    : Ultimate A6

The 2013 competition car. 2nd place in Master.

The 2013 competition car

The 2013 competition car
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