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Peter Wilhelm, Sweden

Name: Peter "Hewi" Wilhelm  from Sweden
Vehicle: Bmw 530 -2001
Head unit: Alpine F1
Processor: Alpine F1
Amplifiers: 3 x DLS A6 , 1 x Dls A4
Tweeters: 1 pair DLS Scandinavia 1
Midrange: 1 par DLS UP4
Mid bass: 1 par DLS Scandinavia 6
Subwoofer: 1st DLS Nordica 12

2010: Swedish Champion, Experienced Unlimited.
2012: Swedish champion, Expert 7.
2012: Best of sound in Sweden. 
2012: European championships,  2:nd in Expert 7.
2013: Swedish champion in Expert 7.
2013: Best of sound in Sweden.

Peters comments:
The car named”Sound by Heavy” was built during 2010 and 2011.
I didn't plan to compete with this car, but after winning my first EMMA event I was stuck.
During the first competition year the car got better, thanks to the team and Mikael Jervemyr
who did the sound tuning.
The first season ended at the Swedish finals in Vallåkra, and I won!
After the finals I remade the installation, I wanted improve the car and make it fit into
a more advanced competition class, better installation and better sound.
The new install was made during 2011 and early 2012 to be presented at the Easter show in Jonkoping named Elmia.
2012 was giving mixed results (first and seconds), the team and Mikael Jervemyr was working very hard to fine tune the sound and improve the installation. We aimed at winning the Swedish Championship; we won and got the best sound of show trophy!
The EMMA 2012 Euro finals were postponded to 2013, and were held at Salzburg Austria.
A lot of invisible install improvements was done prior to the EMMA Euro finals, all this to achieve better sound, also the mid range drivers was upgraded.
All work invested gave us a second place in my class and the third highest sound points of all cars attending, not bad for a first timer.
I'm quite happy with the 2012 competition results and look forward to 2013.
Below you find two links there you can follow the install step by step. 

Here is a link to a new project by Hewi:

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